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Fictitious prank company website

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Academic Project

Santa Monica College

2 Weeks

Project Challenge


Build a website using Bootstrap and Jquery for a fictitious business based on a name generated at random, Taunt Global.


Taunt is to provoke or poke fun at something. Nothing pokes fun as pranks do.  I created a prank company website to delight users as they navigate the site using imagery, color, and movement.

How does it look


I was inspired by playful, nostalgic imagery.

Color Scheme

I wanted a color scheme that was vivid but wasn't too youthful.
Taunt Global has a target audience of adults between 18-24.



Fredoka One

0123456789 (!@#$%^&*:;)



0123456789 (!@#$%^&*:;)

Taunt Global Website

Humor is bold, expressive, and emotive. I used graphics, lines, and color to express these aspects of the website. In addition, I included comedy within the website by including gags and exciting moments.

All Responsive

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What Worked?

When creating this website, I had trouble finding assets that fit the style and type of prank shop I had thought of; therefore, I created many of the assets. I had a lot of fun illustrating and animating the teeth in the scroll animation.

What didn't?

In reviewing it, the padding and margins could be larger. Also, reworking the footer with links to each page would be more helpful than having it only scroll to the top.

What will I do next time?

Given the time frame, I couldn't create the shopping cart experience. I would show each kit item with more time and guide the user through checkout. Additionally, I would push the meaning of the name further inside the website and add more easter eggs in the design. Jokes, links that open silly videos, things that make the user want to explore to see what they find.

Vianey Garcia

2022 Vianey Garcia| created with Webflow and Freepik